If your tooth has been damaged due to injury, disease, or decay and you are looking to restore it, you will usually be given the choice of dental implants or dental crowns. Both are solid solutions for fixing your dental issues and improving your smile, but each treatment is different, and it can be hard to work out which you should choose. 


Knowing the difference between dental crowns and dental implants and whether dental implants are better than crowns can help make your decision easier, so let’s take a closer look at the issue right now.


When Are Dental Implants Needed?


are dental implants better than crownsDental implants are most commonly used when someone has lost a tooth. When this happens, not only can a person’s smile be impacted, and their confidence hit, but it can also cause the other teeth in their mouth to move around and create gaps where there were none. Not to mention eating can be more difficult when you have one or more missing teeth.


Dental implants bridge the gap by creating a whole new tooth where there was none before, albeit an artificial one. Dentists do this by drilling a hole into the jaw at the location of the missing tooth, they then affix a titanium post and abutment there before placing a crown on top to give the appearance of a regular tooth.


When Are Dental Crowns Needed?


dental crownsDental crowns are generally used when tooth decay has reached the point where most of as tooth would need to be filled. The decay is removed from the cavity by the dentist and then the cavity is sealed with a dental crown so that it cannot be subject to further decay.


Crowns are also commonly used when a root canal is carried out as a means of protecting the hole that is created once it has been filled following the procedure.


Some dentists will also use a crown to protect and restore the appearance of a tooth that has been chipped or cracked.


Which Are Better?


Are dental implants better than crowns? Generally speaking, yes. Although they are more expensive, dental implants are by far the best choice if you can afford them. Why? Because they are much less likely to lead to an infection in your mouth, they are a much more permanent solution and they will not have any negative impact on your other teeth in normal circumstances.


Of course, in order to have a dental implant fitted, you need to have a healthy jawbone and be in a good state of physical health generally speaking, because it is a surgical procedure. If your jaw is in a poor state or you are unwell, it may be that dental crowns are more suitable for you.


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