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Dental Bridge: Replacing Missing Teeth

South Fallsburg Dental Provides Affordable Dental Bridges

  • What is a Dental Bridge?
  • Benefits of a Dental Bridge
  • How many missing teeth can a Dental Bridge replace?

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What is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is a series of crowns fused together to hold one or more false teeth. A dental bridge “bridges” the gap between teeth due to missing teeth or large gaps between teeth.


Benefits of a Dental Bridge

Dental bridges do not drill into the gum like dental implants, offering a less painful alternative to replacing missing teeth. It is important to fill gaps from missing teeth because it could cause your teeth to move, causing changes to your bite. You might also benefit from the esthetic improvement including:

  • Appearance of your smile
  • Speaking ability
  • Keeping the shape of your face
  • Distribute bite forces equally
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How many missing teeth can a Dental Bridge replace?

A dental bridge uses your existing or an implant tooth to attached the bridge to. The more teeth a dental bridge covers the more unstable it can become. Your dentist might recommend adding a tooth implant to help support several missing teeth. Talk to our South Fallsburg dentist about what is the best option for your situation.



Should I get teeth whitening kits from the store?2022-04-19T13:00:20-04:00
In-store whitening kits could help with light staining for a short period of time. Professional teeth whiteners are safe and much more effective in a brighter and longer lasting smile. Another advantage of professional teeth whitening is it is done under the supervision of a dental professional. In most cases, it is worth the extra cost for long-lasting and safe results. Teeth whitening is safe when done correctly.
How much do veneers cost?2022-04-19T12:53:16-04:00

Veneers are considered a cosmetic procedure and are not often covered by insurance. You could expect to pay between $500 and $2,500 per tooth for veneers. Veneers generally last between 5 to 7 years before they need to be replaced.

Can you sleep with dentures in?2022-04-19T11:29:58-04:00

We do not recommend sleeping with dentures as bacteria may build up and cause infection. It is recommended you soak your dentures overnight in denture solution to kill any bacteria.

What is the cost of dentures?2022-04-19T11:10:42-04:00

The average cost typically ranges from $1,000 to $3,000 but depending on many factors these prices and vary greatly. We will be happy to discuss your options.

How often should I get my teeth cleaned?2022-03-05T18:13:17-04:00

You should get your teeth cleaned by a local dentist every 6 months. Between cleanings you should brush your teeth and floss a minimum of twice daily. We recommend using a waterpik if you can to help clean your teeth and gums.

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