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One Day Dentures

We Have Our Own Denture Lab On Site

Looking for “One Day Dentures Near Me,” we are your #1 destination for same day dentures in New York with the best in class team!

South Fallsburg Dental Provides Affordable One Day Dentures

We also offer:

  • Denture Repair
  • Complete dentures
  • Partial dentures
  • Flexi partials
  • Acrylic, porcelain, cast metal, or plastic

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Custom Dentures with our On-Site Denture Lab – One Day Dentures Near Me

Improve your smile and your life with high-quality, fully customized dentures from South Fallsburg Dental. Whether you are in need of a full or partial denture system, our experts will create the perfect product for your situation.

Full-Service Denture Care

South Fallsburg Dental is more that just a denture provider. Our team has been providing full-service general and cosmetic dentistry to families in the Hudson Valley and surrounding areas for many years. Schedule an appointment today – we look forward to serving you!

South Fallsburg Dental accepts most insurance plans and all government insurance, including Medicaid.

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Best One-Day Dentures in New York

Are you someone who is missing several or all of your teeth? If so, you may be looking for the fastest and most convenient way to get a full smile back. We don’t blame you! After all, not only does a smile instill confidence and improve your appearance but also it’s necessary for important everyday functions like talking and chewing.

So, why wait weeks or even months to get a full smile back when you can turn to South Fallsburg Dental and get dentures on the very same day?

No matter whether you are looking to get full or partial dentures, we offer an onsite lab so that you don’t have to wait weeks for your new restoration to be made. We remove the middleman to save patients time and money.

After all, we know how important it is for our patients suffering from tooth loss to get dentures as soon as possible. Who wants to wait weeks and make multiple trips to the dentist when they don’t have to? That’s why we offer customized denture fittings that can often be completed on the same day so you never have to go without teeth.


Denture Repair

While dentures are made from amazingly durable material it’s still possible for them to break or become damaged, especially over time. It’s important that you are caring for your dentures properly to ensure that they last several years before needing to be readjusted, realigned or even replaced. Of course, accidents happen.

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When they do it’s important that you have a dentist you can turn to for immediate denture repairs. This is where the expert dental team at South Fallsburg Dental comes in.

We understand just how important your dentures are, so we also know how critical it is for you to see one of our dentists right away when you are having problems with your dentures. Our resident dentists Drs. Peter and Richard Genco will make sure that you are seen as soon as possible so that your dentures can be repaired the very same day. Cracked, broken, loose, poorly fitted and misaligned dentures will need to be repaired by one of our dentists.

It’s important that you don’t try and fix your dentures yourself, as any damage will require very specific repairs and adjustments from a dental professional. Why? Our dentists have to use very special, non-toxic material to fix dentures properly; they can’t just be repaired with traditional glue. Do not try and glue your broken dentures back together. We would be happy to fix your dentures for you.

When dentures break this is also considered a dental emergency. You should never wear damaged or broken dentures as this can lead to discomfort and other more serious issues. It’s crucial that you call us as soon as your dentures have broken so that we can get you in for a repair. Luckily, our office has an on-site dental lab, which makes it possible for us to not only create high-quality dentures right here in our office without having to wait for an outside dental lab, but also we can complete repairs and create replacement dentures quickly.

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Denture Lab

Tooth loss happens to more adults than you would probably expect. Everything from gum disease to injury can cause teeth to fall out or need to be extracted. Of course, when this happens it’s important that you know your treatment options as well as the next step to replacing your missing teeth. The sooner you replace your missing teeth the better for your health.

Luckily, our dental team here at South Fallsburg Dental understands the importance of getting artificial teeth as soon as possible, which is why we offer a full-service onsite lab to create your dentures quickly.

That’s right; if you want to get dentures in South Fallsburg, NY, then our dental practice can often design, create and fit your dentures on the very same day so you don’t have to go without teeth. Traditionally, it usually takes 2-3 visits to the dentist’s office in order to get your new teeth. This is because many dental offices turn to outside dental labs to fabricate their patient’s restorations; however, our dental team has the tools and skills to be able to create both full and partial dentures thanks to our onsite lab. Based on your measurements and needs, our dental team can create a set of dentures that are perfectly fitted to your specifications.

Getting dentures from our onsite lab is convenient, easy and saves our patients time and money. We know that our patients lead busy lives, so coming back to the office for multiple visits can be tough. By creating the highest quality dentures and other dental restorations right here on the premises, we make it easy for patients to regain a full smile without having to come back several times to have their dentures fitted.

We even customize your dentures based on your unique smile needs. No matter whether you need complete or partial  dentures we have you covered. We also offer dentures in a variety of materials including acrylic and porcelain, which mimics the look of real teeth so no one will even know that you have dentures. After all, our goal is to make you feel as confident as possible when wearing your new set of teeth.

If you want to find out whether you are an ideal candidate for dentures then it’s time to turn to our dental team to find out how we can create your fully custom, high-quality dentures right here in South Fallsburg, NY.



Should I get teeth whitening kits from the store?2022-04-19T13:00:20-04:00
In-store whitening kits could help with light staining for a short period of time. Professional teeth whiteners are safe and much more effective in a brighter and longer lasting smile. Another advantage of professional teeth whitening is it is done under the supervision of a dental professional. In most cases, it is worth the extra cost for long-lasting and safe results. Teeth whitening is safe when done correctly.
How much do veneers cost?2022-04-19T12:53:16-04:00

Veneers are considered a cosmetic procedure and are not often covered by insurance. You could expect to pay between $500 and $2,500 per tooth for veneers. Veneers generally last between 5 to 7 years before they need to be replaced.

Can you sleep with dentures in?2022-04-19T11:29:58-04:00

We do not recommend sleeping with dentures as bacteria may build up and cause infection. It is recommended you soak your dentures overnight in denture solution to kill any bacteria.

What is the cost of dentures?2022-04-19T11:10:42-04:00

The average cost typically ranges from $1,000 to $3,000 but depending on many factors these prices and vary greatly. We will be happy to discuss your options.

How often should I get my teeth cleaned?2022-03-05T18:13:17-04:00

You should get your teeth cleaned by a local dentist every 6 months. Between cleanings you should brush your teeth and floss a minimum of twice daily. We recommend using a waterpik if you can to help clean your teeth and gums.

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