How Long Do Dental Crowns Usually Last?


Dental crowns are permanent dental fixtures. This means you need a dentist to remove your dental crown. However, dental crowns, like all other dental appliances, have a lifespan that depends on how well you care for your dental crowns and general wear-and-tear. Here, we cover dental crowns, the process, and how long dental crowns usually [...]

How Long Do Dental Crowns Usually Last?2023-09-09T14:56:27-04:00

Can Damaged Dentures Be Repaired?


While dentures are made to last, accidents can happen. Dentures are primarily made of metal and resin and are made to stand up to wear and tear over time. However, if you’ve noticed sore spots in your mouth, cracking, hairline fractures, or fully broken teeth along your dentures, it’s time to visit your dentist. Here, [...]

Can Damaged Dentures Be Repaired?2023-08-01T13:31:46-04:00

7 Benefits of Dental Veneers


If you're considering dental veneers, you're in luck. This dental procedure has a wide range of upsides, making it a great choice for anyone looking to improve the overall appearance of their teeth while still maintaining their natural teeth. Let's look at the seven benefits of dental veneers and how they can upgrade your smile.  [...]

7 Benefits of Dental Veneers2023-07-05T14:53:01-04:00

What Are Dental Cavities?


Cavities are an incredibly common dental ailment that, if left untreated, can lead to tooth loss, infection, and other serious complications. Here, we discuss dental cavities, how they happen, how your dentist can treat them, and how you can prevent cavities from the start.  What Causes Cavities? Your teeth are made up of enamel out [...]

What Are Dental Cavities?2023-06-06T13:52:22-04:00

Why Should I See a Dentist That Offers Same-Day Dentures?


If you're looking into getting dentures, you may wonder what same-day dentures are. This innovative process allows you to leave your extraction appointment with a full set of teeth instead of waiting for your temporary dentures. While not every dental office offers same-day dentures, this procedure can make adjusting to dentures easier. Let's look at [...]

Why Should I See a Dentist That Offers Same-Day Dentures?2023-05-09T06:02:52-04:00

Same-Day Dentures V.S. Traditional Dentures


If you're looking at getting dentures, you may wonder about the difference between same-day and traditional dentures. Surprisingly enough, there are some significant differences between these styles of dentures. However, both act like natural chewing surfaces, allowing you to continue eating normally. Here, we cover the major difference between traditional and same-day dentures and what [...]

Same-Day Dentures V.S. Traditional Dentures2023-04-01T14:32:43-04:00

Can I Get Immediate Dentures in One Day in New York?


Getting dentures is an involved process. Getting your permanent dentures can take at least a month or longer. Of course, these delays are for a good reason, as these dentures must fit your mouth and bite perfectly, or you could have discomfort or even open yourself up to infection.    Thankfully, once your dentist extracts [...]

Can I Get Immediate Dentures in One Day in New York?2023-03-01T15:32:02-04:00

How Long Do You Have to Wait for Permanent Dentures?


Whether your dentist recommended dentures or you're interested in replacing some or all of your teeth, you may wonder how long it takes to get permanent dentures. While permanent dentures are a long-term solution to missing teeth, getting permanent dentures crafted and fitted to your mouth is not a short process. Getting dentures can be [...]

How Long Do You Have to Wait for Permanent Dentures?2023-02-02T14:34:34-04:00

What Are One-Day Dentures?


One-day dentures are a temporary solution to help tide a patient over until their custom-made dentures are completed. Immediate or same-day dentures allow patients to use their teeth still and avoid bone loss while waiting for custom-fitted dentures.    However, some downsides to one-day dentures include dental shifting and general discomfort. Let's look at one-day [...]

What Are One-Day Dentures?2022-12-31T22:54:59-04:00

What Do I Do If My Tooth Filling Fell Out?


While dental fillings are made to last a long time, your dental filling may occasionally become dislodged or fall out. When this happens, you must make an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible.    Dental fillings cover holes left behind in your teeth after your dentist removes decayed enamel. If your filling falls [...]

What Do I Do If My Tooth Filling Fell Out?2022-11-29T10:44:52-04:00
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