one-day denturesGetting dentures is an involved process. Getting your permanent dentures can take at least a month or longer. Of course, these delays are for a good reason, as these dentures must fit your mouth and bite perfectly, or you could have discomfort or even open yourself up to infection. 


Thankfully, once your dentist extracts your teeth, you don’t have to be without dentures. This is where temporary dentures come into play. Here, we discuss temporary dentures, how they’re made, and how long they last. We also cover if New York dentists provide one-day dentures. 


What Are One-Day Dentures?

Unlike permanent dentures, one-day dentures take only a day or two to make, hence their name. These dentures are a temporary solution while your dental team makes your permanent dentures. One-day dentures are a quick fix; as such, they don’t fit as well as permanent dentures and are meant for short-term use. 

How Are One-Day Dentures Made?

While your dental team crafts permanent dentures using your precise mouth measurements, one-day dentures work off of post-extraction measurements and general sizing to fit your mouth in a short timeframe best. These dentures help protect you from receding jaw structure and help prevent bone loss. 


However, one-day dentures are known for loosening over time and can need added fittings to fit while your permanent dentures are correctly made. Talk to your dentist if your one-day dentures are too loose or cause blisters or soreness from chafing. This can be a sign your dentures need adjustment. 

Do One-Day Dentures Last?

One-day dentures last as long as you need them, but they are not meant for long-term use. One-day dentures can withstand the wear and tear of daily use like standard dentures, but they are not as durable or comfortable as your traditional dentures. Of course, properly caring for your dentures can make a difference in their durability, so follow all denture care instructions from your dentist. 


Make sure to care for your dentures correctly, and do not use toothpaste on your dentures unless advised to do so by your dentist. Store your dentures in water and a cleaning solution at night, as dried dentures can crack and lose shape. 


You should never use hot water on your dentures as this can also cause them to warp out of shape. Your dentist can offer advice on better care for your immediate dentures and future care tips for your permanent dentures. 

Where Can I Find One-Day Dentures?

Many dental offices offer one-day or fast dentures. Talk to your dentist at your appointment to determine if one-day dentures are a good choice. Most offices that offer dentures can do one-day dentures but check with your dentist to find out what they can offer at their office. 


Contact South Fallsburg Dental today at (845) 434-1202 or here online if you are interested in one-day dentures. Our team of dental professionals can answer your questions and help set you up with permanent, comfortable dentures that will last for years to come. Thanks to our connected denture lab, we offer one-day dentures so you can leave your extraction appointment with a complete set of functional dentures while you wait for your permanent dentures to finish.