same day denturesIf you’re looking at getting dentures, you may wonder about the difference between same-day and traditional dentures. Surprisingly enough, there are some significant differences between these styles of dentures. However, both act like natural chewing surfaces, allowing you to continue eating normally. Here, we cover the major difference between traditional and same-day dentures and what to expect. So let’s jump into it!

How Are Dentures Traditionally Placed?

Traditionally, your dentist will perform any extractions needed before placing your new dentures. However, since your gumline can swell after dental extractions, there’s usually a waiting period before fitting your permanent dentures. 


With traditional denture placement, your dentist makes temporary dentures first, then works on your permanent dentures. However, these temporary dentures may not be ready the same day you have an extraction, meaning you must be without a chewing surface until the new dentures finish. 

How Are One-Day Dentures Different?

One-day dentures are temporary dentures that you can leave with the day you get your extractions. These dentures are a temporary replacement for your permanent dentures that give your dentist time to make your permanent dentures. 


The benefit of one-day dentures is that the dentist’s office can craft these dentures the same day you have extractions done, meaning you can leave the dentist with a custom chewing surface. In addition, because your dentist custom-makes the dentures that day, they allow you to have a well-fitting chewing surface as soon as you go home instead of waiting for the lab to finish your temporary dentures. 

Pros And Cons of Immediate Dentures

Some of the pros of immediate dentures are that you can have a chewing surface the second you leave the dental office. Not having to wait for your temporary dentures can help with eating food, improve your overall self-esteem, and make you feel like you have a normal, natural chewing surface.


However, some of the cons of immediate dentures are that they are not custom-fit to your jaw in the same way as your permanent dentures, as your gumline adjusts after extraction. One-day dentures may shift more than your permanent dentures and can cause rubbing or slipping along your gums, depending on how things heal. 


If your temporary dentures cause pain or discomfort, or create blisters along your gumline, talk to your dentist to find other options.


Are There Other Options for Dentures?

Other options include temporary dentures, which take longer to make, and simply waiting for your permanent dentures. Of course, both options have downsides, so talk with your dentist about the best option for you and your unique dental needs. Depending on how well your jaw heals after extractions, temporary dentures may fit your needs, so be sure to check your options and work with your dentist to choose a plan that works for you. 


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