One-Day DenturesOne-day dentures are a temporary solution to help tide a patient over until their custom-made dentures are completed. Immediate or same-day dentures allow patients to use their teeth still and avoid bone loss while waiting for custom-fitted dentures. 


However, some downsides to one-day dentures include dental shifting and general discomfort. Let’s look at one-day dentures, their uses, what to expect, and some of the pros and cons of immediate dentures. 


How Do One-Day Dentures Work?

One-day dentures or immediate dentures are made for use immediately after tooth extraction. These dentures help patients bridge the gap between dental extraction and custom dentures and are helpful as a temporary measure. One-day dentures help give your gums time to heal after extraction and provide a relatively secure chewing surface while your dentist prepares your permanent dentures. 


Since one-day dentures cannot adjust to your post-surgery gums, nor are they shaped for your mouth post-extraction, there may be some general discomfort or shifting associated with one-day dentures, making them a short-term solution and not a lifelong choice. 


Do All Dentists Offer One-Day Dentures?

Your dentist may not suggest one-day dentures if you only have a few teeth removed or are prone to gum irritation. In general, immediate dentures are helpful for patients with several missing teeth, who would have their chewing ability compromised while waiting several months for custom dentures. 


However, since one-day dentures are not custom-fitted to your mouth, you may have to visit your dentist frequently for adjustments as your jaw heals. It is also worth noting that one-day dentures are not as sharp as standard dentures, so chewing may be more difficult. 


How Painful Are Same-Day Dentures?

Same-day dentures may cause some soreness as you adjust to them, but they should not cause you pain or overwhelming discomfort. If your immediate dentures cause you pain or are constantly shifting in your mouth, contact your dentist immediately to discuss other temporary options while your dentures are being made. 


Remember that while one-day dentures are an excellent short-term solution while waiting for your custom dentures, they are a temporary fix, meaning they are likely to move around or be slightly clunky compared to your final dentures. 


Are Immediate Dentures a Good Idea?

If you have multiple teeth extracted or are getting a complete set of dentures, same-day or immediate dentures can be a good fit. By providing a chewing surface while your gums heal and while waiting for your permanent dentures, immediate dentures stave off frustration and help you adjust to having dentures. Remember that not all dentists off same-day dentures, especially if you’ve only had a few teeth removed or are not a good candidate for temporary dentures.


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