same-day denturesIf you’re looking into getting dentures, you may wonder what same-day dentures are. This innovative process allows you to leave your extraction appointment with a full set of teeth instead of waiting for your temporary dentures. While not every dental office offers same-day dentures, this procedure can make adjusting to dentures easier. Let’s look at same-day dentures, their pros and cons, and how they differ from traditional dentures. 

What Are Same-Day Dentures?

Traditionally, when getting dentures, you must wait to get your permanent set. However, your dentist needs time to make your permanent dentures for several reasons. For example, if you had extractions or jaw changes, your dentist would pass this information on to the denture lab, which would, in turn, customize your dentures. These changes ensure your dentures fit but increase their construction time. 


With same-day dentures, you leave your dental office with a set of dentures that fits your mouth and bridges the gap between your last extractions and get your permanent set of dentures. Because it takes time to customize your permanent dentures, same-day dentures are a great option to streamline the process and ensure a complete, functional chewing surface before leaving the dental office. 


While same-day dentures are not as custom-fitted as your permanent dentures, they are still made for your mouth and offer you the comfort and convenience of dentures while your dentist works on your permanent set. In addition, same-day dentures offer patients a sense of normalcy and a natural-appearing smile. At the same time, they wait for their permanent dentures, making them a great option for almost any patient. 

How Are Same-Day Dentures Different from Traditional Dentures?

With traditional dentures, there are several things to keep in mind. First, your dentist will recommend waiting for gum swelling to go down after extractions to guarantee a secure fit. If you waited for your final set of dentures, you could be waiting several weeks. During this time, you would be without a chewing surface. While many dental offices offer temporary dentures during this time, offices that rely on external labs can take several days to get you a set of temporary dentures that fit. This is where same-day dentures come into play. 


With same-day dentures, you can leave your appointment with a well-fitting set of dentures that are made to bridge the gap between your final extraction and your new dentures. However, remember that these dentures may still fit oddly over time, so talk to your dentist if your same-day dentures cause gum irritation or keep shifting around over time. 


It’s also important to contact your dentist if you have any signs of infection, swelling, or a persistent bad taste in your mouth. 


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